China News Agency, Beijing, June 4th, title: "First flight female astronaut" Liu Yang: After ten years of sharpening the sword, I still have mountains and seas in my heart

  Author Guo Chaokai Ma Shuaisha

  Ten years later, with his iconic smile, Chinese astronaut Liu Yang met with media reporters again at Wentian Pavilion of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

But this time, her identity is the crew astronaut of Shenzhou 14.

  In the camera, she has a determined expression and a gentle smile, and she is a little more confident and calm than ten years ago.

  In 2012, Liu Yang went to space as China's first female astronaut to fly into the sky. For the first time, China's "Half the Sky" appeared in the vast sky, and her name became a household name in an instant.

  On June 28 of that year, before the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft was about to separate from the Tiangong-1 target vehicle and return to Earth, Liu Yang saluted the Tiangong-1 and silently told himself: "In the near future, I will definitely go back to Earth again. return."

  After completing the mission of Shenzhou 9, the honor and applause that poured in did not change Liu Yang's attitude towards life. "We still live the same life as before, repeating ordinary life every day."

In the past ten years, Liu Yang's few appearances are almost all related to the aerospace industry she loves.

  Now appearing again as a Shenzhou 14 astronaut, she described herself like this: "In the past ten years, I have studied and advanced my studies to improve my ability and quality; in the past ten years, I have studied and trained in meditation and made full preparation for the mission; in the past ten years I walked into the school and stepped onto the podium, sowing seeds and sowing hope; in the past ten years, I have become a happy mother and have a pair of lovely children."

  Elected as the vice chairman of the All-China Women's Federation, became a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, and was hired as a "China Aerospace Public Welfare Ambassador"... In recent years, while harvesting and growing, Liu Yang has never forgotten his most fundamental career "background" - astronaut.

She devotes more time to training and preparing for the battle in space.

  From "Shen 9" to "Shen 14", from the former "one room and one hall" Tiangong-1 target aircraft to today's "three rooms and one hall" Chinese space station, what has changed is not only the area of ​​the spacecraft, but also more is the difficulty of the task.

The longer stay in space, the normality of out-of-vehicle activities, and the completion of a large number of scientific experiments... all of these put forward higher requirements for astronauts' knowledge, skills, physical strength, and psychology.

  "Space will not lower its threshold because of the arrival of women, and the space environment will not take special care of you because you are a woman." Just like the diligent and hard-working when he was first selected for the astronaut brigade, Liu Yang embarked on a new career. "The Journey".

  For astronauts, out-vehicle training is the most intensive and longest training, and underwater training is the most important.

For the first time participating in the underwater test of the extravehicular suit, Liu Yang only worked for three or four hours in a suit weighing more than 120 kilograms.

  Going out of the cabin requires a lot of upper body strength, so Liu Yang secretly overweights himself.

During the physical training, she came early, walked late, and trained for a long time; when she returned to the dormitory, she also had to "add meals", practice grippers, and lift barbells... so much that the astronauts "brothers" joked: "You don't need to practice. Now, if you practice again, you will surpass us.”

  After more than two years of hard training, Liu Yang and his teammates Chen Dong and Cai Xuzhe have all been able to perform their tasks, and they only need to take the Shenzhou 14 soaring into the sky.

  This mission is the first manned flight mission in the construction phase of the Chinese space station. Liu Yang will witness the successful "completion" of the Chinese space station in their hands. At the same time, she is also looking forward to the space station with the "God 15" crew.

  About half a year into the "space trip", Liu Yang said that the children hope she can take more photos in space and share the beautiful scenery of the universe. "I will also write my blessings to them in the stars."

  On June 5, the Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft is about to lift off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and the "her power" of China's aerospace industry will bloom beautifully in space again.

And this female astronaut who "has mountains and seas in her heart and stars in her eyes" will once again spread the glory of China all over the space.