Security forces arrested a right-wing extremist in Brandenburg.

On Friday morning in Potsdam, a youth was arrested by state security officials on suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence that would endanger the state.

There was an arrest warrant against him.

The accused is said to have obtained instructions for the construction of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices and also carried out the first explosive tests.

This was announced by the police and the Attorney General of the State of Brandenburg on Friday.

Special forces searched the living, business and ancillary rooms of the accused German.

They had secured various data carriers and instructions for building explosive devices, it said.

According to information from the German Press Agency, the searches took place in Potsdam.

Special police forces supported the operation.

Also suspected child pornography

Investigators had been tracking the youth for several months.

In social media, he therefore tried to promote a “revolution against the system”, mainly among young people.

According to the information, he is also being investigated on suspicion of acquiring and possessing child pornography.

As early as July 2021, when searching the suspect's rooms, investigators found various chemicals suitable for the construction of so-called unconventional explosive and incendiary devices as well as a large number of things glorifying National Socialism, it was said.