On Thursday, the public prosecutor's office in Frankfurt officially confirmed the indictment of senior public prosecutor Alexander B., who is suspected of corruption.

As reported, according to information from the FAZ, the charges were brought last week.

It first goes to the competent court, from where it is served on the accused, who must confirm receipt.

Anna Sophia Lang

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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According to the public prosecutor's office, the now 55-year-old B., who for years headed the "Central Office for Combating Property Crimes and Corruption in the Health Care System" at the general public prosecutor's office and was press spokesman, is now facing a total of 101 cases of continued and commercial bribery, 55 cases of serious corruption Nine counts of embezzlement and tax evasion.

Also accused of commercial bribery and subsidy fraud in connection with Corona aid is a 56-year-old acquaintance of B., who founded a company in consultation with him in 2005, the purpose of which was mainly to provide expert opinions for the judiciary.

The company has earned more than 12.5 million euros and thus around 90 percent of its income in the past ten years with orders from B.,

Facilitation Payments and Undeclared Earnings

B. is said to have used the investigations of his central office against actors from the health care system to issue the orders.

In return, he is said to have received money from the company, approximately 280,000 euros in the non-statute-barred period between August 2015 and July 2020. The chief public prosecutor is said to have received further corrupt payments of at least 66,000 euros from another company that received orders for forensic data analysis .

Due to his managerial position, B. had an asset management obligation towards the State of Hesse.

Nevertheless, he is said to have signed monthly invoices as correct and released them for instruction if he was aware that they were factually incorrect.

The financial loss for the country is said to be almost 645,000 euros now that the investigation has been completed.

The allegation of tax evasion in the amount of 185,000 euros relates to the bribe payments and undeclared income from the rental of a property.

The public prosecutor also said that they had requested the confiscation of the income received from B. in the amount of 910,000 euros for the period that was not statute-barred and 1.25 million euros for the statute-barred period.

B. has been in custody again since January 2022.

"In the case of a cumulative sentence, imprisonment of up to 15 years in total is possible," writes the public prosecutor's office.

Further investigations are being carried out against other people accused in the complex, including two prosecutors.