The driver of a Ferrari California was stopped after committing a major speeding violation in Jouy-le-Potier (Loiret) this Sunday.

The motorist of Luxembourg nationality was flashed at 142 km / h on a portion of departmental road 15 where the speed is limited to 80 km / h.

He was not the owner of the racing car, indicates

Actu Chartres


A license converted and then suspended

He was planning to buy this Ferrari and had wanted to try it on the roads of the department before concluding the transaction.

The 50-year-old man only holds a Luxembourg driving license.

The document will first be converted into a French license.

This will then be withdrawn from the offender.

The interception of the exceptional car took place as part of an operation carried out by the gendarmes of Loiret.

A motorcyclist was thus controlled at 260 km / h.

Another two-wheeler driver was traveling at 140 km / h.

Flashed at 205 km / h on an Ardennes highway in his luxury car


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