Toward the realization of the "Digital Rural City National Concept" that promotes digitalization and leads to regional revitalization, the government compiled a draft basic policy on June 1, and "digital promotion" to support elderly people who use digital devices. We are planning to secure more than 20,000 members nationwide by the end of this fiscal year.

On June 1, the government held a meeting of the "Digital Rural City National Concept Realization Conference" at the Prime Minister's Office, attended by Prime Minister Kishida, related ministers and experts, and summarized the draft basic policy.

According to it, digital is the key to solving local problems such as population decline and hollowing out of industry, and it is said that the power of digital will be used to create jobs in rural areas and create a flow of people from urban areas to rural areas. increase.

Specifically, 1000 of the local governments nationwide will work on digitization by the end of 2024, and will provide core human resources who will contribute to regional development utilizing digital technology to 100 regions in Japan. It is supposed to be placed.

In addition, we will secure more than 20,000 "digital promotion committee members" nationwide by the end of this fiscal year to support elderly people who use digital devices and services, and we will hire human resources who have acquired digital-related technologies until the end of 2026. It is said that 2.3 million people will be trained.

In addition, the company plans to improve its digital infrastructure by aiming for a high-speed, large-capacity communication standard and a 5G population coverage rate of 99% by the end of 2030.

The government will soon make a cabinet decision on the basic policy.

Prime Minister Kishida "Government as a whole promotes"

At the meeting of the "Digital Rural City National Concept Realization Conference," Prime Minister Kishida said, "In the future, the government will work as one to promote efforts toward the realization of the concept and produce tangible results."

After that, "Three grants such as" Regional Revitalization Promotion Grant "will be newly integrated into" Digital Rural City National Concept Grant ", and the efforts of local governments will be strongly supported by the national government. We will formulate a "Digital Rural City National Concept Comprehensive Strategy". Furthermore, we will instill the concept of the concept in all government policies. "