• The heifer Ramón García announces the return of El Grand Prix

  • Television Ramón García, the eternal presenter of 'El Grand Prix' who triumphs in La Mancha and is 'brother' of Enrique Ponce

Hosting a

live show

is a real adventure in which presenters have to get out of

sticky situations

almost every day in the most natural way possible.

This has been the case of the popular presenter

Ramón García,

on the occasion of the


of the six years of broadcasting the space

En Compañía

, a program that he presents on the regional network Castilla-La Mancha Media.

As usual in this type of magazines, the show's birthday was given a

special rundown

with review videos, memories of the beginning and

details for the audience

that watches the format from their homes.

It was at that moment that Ramón, delighted to contact

a spectator to give him a ham,

called a lady who did not take this gesture exactly well.

With a polite

"tell me?"

the protagonist of the anecdote received Ramón's call without imagining that on the other side of the line

the audience of a

television program was witness to her telephone moment.

García greeted his interlocutor from the province of Cuenca saying:

"Good afternoon, ma'am",

words that provoked the insistence of the woman on the other side of the screen with a

"who are you?"

Ramón answered revealing his identity without delay

From him: "I'm Ramón García".

And almost automatically, the lady snapped at the presenter:

"Come on, man, go get some fresh air."

Far from answering immediately, and amid the laughter of the audience present on the set,

García fell silent

while the co-host,

Gloria Santoro,

tried to reconnect with the viewer: "Honey, who is serious! That we are Ramón and Gloria from TV, it's not a joke!"

But the almost winner of the ham had already hung up, to the stupor of the program team.

"Did you hang up?" Gloria asked realization.

Before the affirmative answer of the production members, both analyzed what they experienced on a key date for the show: "My mother Ramon. The day of the anniversary", to which García replied:

"Great! We have embroidered it!".

It is not the first time that Ramón García has experienced an outstanding moment with his viewers at home.

Last December on the set of the same space, the presenter starred in a

hilarious moment live

with an old man who called the program to find a partner claiming

to have 144,000 euros in the account

and that he backed down when giving his phone to the applicant assuring: "Don't give it to him, my children have called me not to get involved with any aunt. What a mess!".

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