As a result of exit polls from three broadcasting companies, including SBS, in the 8th nationwide local election, it was predicted that candidate Jo Hee-yeon would take the first place with 38.6% of the Seoul Superintendent of Education.

Candidate Tae-hee Lim is predicted to take the first place with 54.3% of the Gyeonggi Superintendent of Education.

For Incheon Superintendent of Education, Candidate Seong-Hoon Do 41.2% and Candidate Gye-Woon Choi 40.9% are close within the margin of error.

In the Daejeon superintendent election, candidate Seol Dong-ho received 43% of the votes and Sejong superintendent Choi Gyo-jin received 33.5% of the votes, and it was predicted that he would take first place.

For the Chungbuk superintendent of education, Candidate Yoon Geon-young took the first place with 57%, and for the Chungnam superintendent, Kim Ji-cheol took the first place with 34.6%, the Gangwon superintendent Shin Kyung-ho took the first place with 28.9%, and for the Jeju superintendent, Kim Kwang-soo took the first place with 57%. That's it.

For Busan Superintendent of Education, Candidate Ha Yoon-soo 52.3% and Kim Seok-jun 47.7% are close within the margin of error.

Candidate Ok-hee Noh for the Ulsan Superintendent of Education is expected to take first place with 52.8% of the votes.

For the Gyeongnam Superintendent of Education, a fierce battle is expected within the margin of error with 49.2% for Kim Sang-kwon and 50.8% for Park Jong-hoon.

In the Daegu Superintendent's Election, Kang Eun-hee was predicted to take the first place with 63.1% and Lim Jong-sik's 51.6% in the Gyeongbuk Gyeongbuk superintendent's election.

Gwangju Superintendent of Superintendent Lee Jeong-sun ranked first with 35.9% of candidates predicted.

In Jeonbuk Superintendent of Education, Candidate Geo-seok Seo was 42.8% and Candidate Ho-seong Cheon was 40.3%, within the margin of error.

The exit poll for the national election for regional heads of the three terrestrial TV stations was conducted for about 100,000 voters at 631 polling places nationwide from 6 am to 6 pm this morning, and the tolerance is ±1.6 to 3.4%p at the 95% confidence level. .