Mélina Facchin (in Strasbourg), edited by Laura Laplaud with AFP 2:24 p.m., May 31, 2022

Over one year, according to the provisional estimate produced at the end of the month by INSEE, consumer prices should increase by 5.2% in May 2022, after +4.8% the previous month.

Inflation present in all sectors as in this DIY store in Strasbourg where customers suffer from the increase in prices.

Inflation accelerated again in France in May, to 5.2% over one year, according to an initial estimate released on Tuesday by INSEE.

This rise in inflation would be due to an acceleration in the prices of energy, services, food and manufactured goods.

All sectors are affected by inflation: whether professionals or individuals, most customers of this DIY store feel it, everything is increasing.

Alexis, manager of an escape game in Strasbourg, came to buy something to redecorate one of his rooms.

The price of steel and aluminum has doubled

"Whether it's fake grass or wood and a little plexi, it cost me more than 300 euros... We took a 20% increase on the cost of our room creation", he specifies. he.

Result: Alexis had to pass on these price increases to its prices, i.e. + 8%.

"I feel it every day. Everything increases, everything is more expensive, wood, materials, everything...", breathes Alain who is currently building his new house.

"I was the other day in a department and I bought rods to make shelves. And the gentleman said to me 'if you want some, hurry up', they were at seven euros, they went to more eight euros", he certifies.

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Since last September, the price of steel and aluminum has doubled.

Lumber, on the other hand, increased by 95%.

So, even if he can't quite figure it out yet, Alain is certain that his house will cost him much more than expected.