Sunday May 29, at 12:30 a.m., a man was attacked by several individuals on rue Puits Gaillot, in the Pentes district (Lyon 1).

As he was being beaten, an assailant ripped off the gold chain he was wearing around his neck, before fleeing.

The victim tried to sue his attackers, to no avail.

Overwhelming CCTV footage

Shortly after, the victim found the thief on Place Louis-Pradel, where a crowd had formed in front of the police station.

A brawl broke out, the police intervened.

The man pointed out his thief to them.

He had been taken into custody 24 hours earlier for the same offence.

The assaulted man was notified of 5 days of ITT.

He and the other robbery victim filed a complaint.

The thief continued to deny the charges, despite the overwhelming surveillance images.

He was presented to the prosecution on Monday, then imprisoned with a deferred appearance on Tuesday.

The jewels have not been found.

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