A video of the battle of the YouTuber Lee Geun, a former captain of the Navy Special Warfare Team (UDT/SEAL), who participated in the Ukrainian International Volunteer Forces, was released.

On the 28th local time, German public broadcaster ARD's news program 'Tagesschau' covered the story of Lee Geun and fellow international volunteers through a report titled 'Ukrainian Foreign Warriors'.

In the video, Geun Lee fires a machine gun and his team uses anti-tank missiles to aim at enemy armored vehicles or tanks.

Also included was a scene in which Lee Geun and his teammates went around the city to carry out the operation.

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In an interview, Lee Geun said, "It is very difficult to fight an enemy that is a global superpower.

Regarding the background of volunteering for the international volunteers, he said, "I thought I would be helpful to Ukraine because I had a lot of combat experience in Somalia and Iraq in the past.

Geun Lee added, "I wanted to save Mariupol (a port city in southeastern Ukraine), but unfortunately it fell to the enemy."

Finally, he said, "I nearly died two or three times in battle." .

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Meanwhile, Lee Geun returned to Korea on the 27th, three months after leaving the country without permission.

He ruptured his cruciate ligament in his knee during an infiltration operation and returned home for treatment.

Lee Geun has been charged with violating the passport law by entering Ukraine, which is a travel warning level 4 (no travel) area, without government permission.

The police launched a full-scale investigation into Lee Geun's allegations of violating the passport law, while proceeding with a departure ban.

(Photos and video = 'tagesschau' YouTube)