China News Service, Xi'an, May 30th (Mei Yilong and Zhang Zhuofan) Recently, some netizens reported that in the teaching supplementary book "Synchronized Skillful Lectures and Refinement" jointly published by the two Shaanxi publishing houses, "Lei Feng does good deeds" with the picture "Japanese Army". Back the old lady", aroused attention.

Shaanxi People's Education Publishing House told a reporter from on the 30th that a working group has been established to investigate, and the results of the investigation will be announced later.

  It is understood that "Synchronized Skillful Talking and Refining" is a secondary textbook for primary school Chinese, which is jointly published by Shaanxi Xinhua Publishing and Media Group and Shaanxi People's Education Publishing House.

According to pictures provided by netizens, there is a picture in the book of a man who is suspected to be wearing a Japanese military uniform carrying an old lady.

  In response to this matter, the reporter contacted Shaanxi Xinhua Publishing Media Group and Shaanxi People's Education Press successively.

The staff of Shaanxi Xinhua Publishing and Media Group said that they were aware of the matter, but because they were not the editor-in-chief, they did not know the specific situation.

The staff of the Shaanxi People's Education Publishing House said that this edition of the book had been discontinued a few years ago, and only a small part of it remained on the market.

  Recently, the PPE version of primary school textbook illustrations has received widespread attention from the society, and some of the problematic textbooks and books have also been picked up by netizens, and have caused heated discussions on the Internet.

  The cover of "Synchronized Refinement" shows that it was jointly produced by the brand team of "Inferring Others from One Case" and the "Complete Explanation of Textbooks" team of Jinxing International Education Group for more than ten years.

Tianyancha shows that Jinxing International Education Group Co., Ltd. has been dissolved.

  The staff of Shaanxi People's Education Publishing House said that the unit has set up a working group and is investigating the matter.

The solution to this matter will be announced to the public after the investigation is clear.