China News Service, Beijing, May 30 (Reporter Gao Kai) The Ministry of Education of China announced on its official website on May 30 that in response to the recent social reflection on the problem of illustrations of elementary school mathematics textbooks, the Ministry of Education has established an investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Thorough investigation.

  Recently, the topic of ugly and uncomfortable illustrated characters in elementary school mathematics textbooks published by the People's Education Press has aroused widespread concern.

The Ministry of Education said on the same day that an investigation team has been established to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and the problems identified will be rectified immediately, and those responsible for violations of discipline and regulations will be seriously held accountable, and will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations, and will never be Palliative.

The results of the investigation will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

  At the same time, the Ministry of Education has deployed to carry out a comprehensive investigation of teaching materials for universities, middle and primary schools across the country, and immediately rectified any problems found, and severely dealt with those responsible for violations of disciplines and regulations in accordance with relevant regulations.

  Regarding related issues, the Ministry of Education responded on the 28th, saying that it had instructed the People's Education Press to rectify immediately, reorganize professional forces to draw textbook illustrations, and ensure that new textbooks will be used in the fall semester of 2022.

  It is reported that the controversial textbook has been used for nearly 10 years since it was approved.