According to the former American leader, the high cost of energy and the transition to settlements for them in their own currency allow Russia to earn "a fortune."

“He (the ruble. -


) is at historical highs, because oil prices are now so high, higher than ever .... If you want to stop this war, lower prices to $ 30-40 per barrel, ”- RIA Novosti quotes Trump.

According to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, Russia needs to return to the equilibrium exchange rate of the ruble, which was earlier, while reducing the standard for the mandatory sale of foreign exchange earnings.

According to the Moscow Exchange, on May 28, the dollar ended the week with growth to 66.7 rubles.

Mikhail Zeltser, an expert on the stock market at BCS World of Investments, previously recalled the factors behind the strengthening of the ruble.