British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to use his country's post-Brexit freedoms to give new meaning to imperialist units of measurement like the ounce.

Just in time for the Queen's jubilee next weekend, Johnson wants to start a public consultation process on how units such as pounds, ounces or yards can be used again in the future, several British media reported on Sunday.

Since the year 2000, Great Britain as a member of the EU at that time had to specify in grams and kilograms in retail.

However, British traders can also enter pounds and ounces.

According to the new plans, which were initially reported by the “Sunday Mirror”, retailers should be free to choose what they specify in the future.

Months ago, the conservative government had already announced that it wanted to allow the "crown stamp" as a correct calibration on beer glasses and champagne bottles in pint format.

The main opposition party, Labor, accused the government of a "pathetic attempt" to pursue a policy of nostalgia.

Instead, it is better to focus on more pressing issues.

Observers see Johnson's new initiative as an attempt to placate critics in his own ranks and to dissuade them from the defamatory debate about the "Partygate" investigation report.

He had accused Downing Street of leadership failure and serious rule violations last week.

Over the weekend, two other Conservative MPs announced that they had voted no confidence in Johnson in a letter.

If the responsible committee receives at least 54 of these letters, there is a vote of no confidence.

The BBC and the PA news agency reported around 20 letters had been sent so far.

However, more could have been received without this becoming public knowledge.