One hundred and fifty-five meters underground, the members of Sala silver mine diving club dive 30 meters into icy water.

They map mining tunnels, shafts and rooms far below the ground.

The goal is to create a coherent 3D model of an entire level in the mine, a so-called floor.

- Under the water, it is as if nothing has happened.

Everything is well preserved.

We find wooden constructions, shoes, hats and hoof prints from horses, says Petter Moge from Sala silver mine diving club.

Mining tunnels must be able to be explored in game consoles

With the help of diving cameras, the specially trained divers collect about 500 gigabytes of data per day.

It is entered into a computer program that produces a 3D model.

When the project is completed, the model will be able to be used in game consoles, among other things, so that it will be possible to explore the underwater passages without diving equipment.

In the clip, you get to follow the divers down below the surface in the Sala silver mine