May 28 is International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Does drinking hot water help relieve discomfort during menstruation for women?

"East-West Questions - China Dialogue" invited UNFPA representative in China, Justine Coulson, to talk with blogger "Science Girl Shell Sauce" Wang Hongtan for popular science.

Is it useful to drink hot water during menstruation?

  Wang Hongtan said that some of the menstrual “secret recipes” circulating on the Internet are mostly unscientific. For example, you must drink more hot water during menstruation. The hot drink itself may have a certain effect on dilating blood vessels and relieve a little pain, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Kang Jiating said that if you want to drink hot water during menstruation, drinking hot water will make you feel better, then there is no harm in drinking hot water.

Kang Jiating believes that it is the most important thing to make personal choices based on obtaining correct information.

(Chi Hanyu)

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