After a man who lost both arms in a nightmare accident received the world's first shoulder to arm transplant, he told us about his recent situation.

On the 22nd local time, British daily The Mirror and the Daily Mail reported that Felix Gretarsson, 49, from Iceland, has improved to the point of being able to brush her teeth and hug her daughter and wife.

Previously, Felix had both arms amputated in an electric shock while working in 1998, and underwent the world's first two arms and shoulder transplants in January last year, a year and four months ago.

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Felix, a 26-year-old man at the time of the accident, climbed onto a utility pole for electrical repairs, and fell at the same time as he was electrocuted, leaving him in a coma for three months.

In the meantime, doctors performed 54 surgeries to save Felix, eventually amputating both of his arms.

Felix, who had such a difficult time without both arms, watched a lecture by Dr Jean-Michel Dubernard, a French professor, who succeeded in the world's first two-handed transplantation on TV in 2007.

Felix chose to move to France to receive surgery from him, and as his story was introduced on Icelandic TV, fundraising for Felix's surgery was started.

After waiting for 8 years in France, Felix underwent a 15-hour transplant from medical teams from 5 hospitals across France.

Felix, who has endured a difficult rehabilitation life with the transplanted shoulder and arms, has been very positive.

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“I can hold my daughter in my arms for the first time since she was three months old,” Felix said.

He continued, "When I put my hand out the window and felt the wind blowing for the first time, it felt really strange. In the past, it was confusing to tell if the water was hot or cold, but now I can feel the temperature right away." .

Felix, who will soon be celebrating his 50th birthday, said he'll be having a party at his house to celebrate his birthday, and he's been busy cleaning the house these days.

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Felix, who continuously communicates his current situation through his SNS, is constantly striving for rehabilitation and delivering hope to many people.

(Photo = Felix Gretarsson's Instagram)