China News Agency, Beijing, May 28 (Li Xiang) Recently, the bad school shooting in Texas, the United States, has attracted widespread attention.

19 students and two teachers were killed in the case, and the killer was shot dead on the spot.

Since the school shooting took place in Uvalde, Texas, where ethnic minorities live, it has sparked discussions in the American Chinese community and criticism of American gun control policies.

China News Agency reporters interviewed Chinese living in the United States and Chinese students studying in the United States by phone and social media voice.

  Song Hongbin, a Chinese in Los Angeles, told reporters that the case has sparked heated discussions in the American Chinese community, "I saw an online questionnaire on gun control on the Chinese community website. 60%, 34% demand a complete gun ban, and only 6% support the current gun policy. This is basically consistent with the attitude of the Chinese community around me. In recent years, my friends have all expressed concern about the deep-rooted problem of gun violence in the United States. Shaking his head in disgust."

  Song Hongbin said: "In the United States, the issue of guns has always been controversial. Americans' views are divided. Some people believe that gun ownership is a necessary prerequisite for preventing violent crime; opponents believe that the proliferation of guns is a potential source of gun violence. There are a lot of people who support zero guns as zero gun crime."

  Wang Juan, who has lived in Orlando for many years, said that recently, the outbreak of shootings in the United States has caused widespread concern in the Chinese community, especially Chinese women.

The school shooting occurred in a minority area, and in the United States, the Chinese are also one of the minority groups.

In recent years, racial discrimination against Chinese people in the United States has frequently occurred, and there have been many violent attacks against Chinese people. She is worried that this case will trigger a chain reaction, and gun violence makes her feel very insecure.

  Wang Juan said: "My two children are studying. Although they are already in middle school, they also have a certain ability to protect themselves, but gun violence is always a hidden danger. As a parent, no matter where you are, you want your children to be safe and sound. ."

  Liu Ying (pseudonym), an international student in Chicago, told a reporter from China News Agency that the case "reminds me of the shooting of Chinese students in Chicago at the end of last year, and Chinese students also broke out in Chicago because of 'We are here to study, Instead of a 'come to die' demonstration, we strongly call on the authorities to strengthen gun control and policing."

  Liu Ying said: "It's only been half a year, and there have been several incidents of gun violence. The severity of this school shooting is terrifying. Earlier, some juniors asked me about studying in the United States. Later, they decided to study in other countries. The reason is that they are indeed worried about the safety of their own study abroad due to the current unfriendly environment in the United States and the frequent occurrence of gun violence." (End)