Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a telephone talk with French President Macron and German Prime Minister Scholtz over the situation in Ukraine on the 28th, and will find options including grain exports from the Port of the Black Sea, subject to the lifting of Western sanctions on Russia. I am ready to contribute to that. "

According to the French presidential office, a telephone talk was held on the issue of global food shortages triggered by the situation in Ukraine, and President Macron and Prime Minister Schortz were able to export grains from Ukraine via the Black Sea in Southern Odesa. Asked to break the blockade of the port of Ukraine.

According to the Russian Presidential Administration, Putin criticized the West, saying, "The problem was caused by the wrong economic policies of Western countries and sanctions against Russia."

He then emphasized that, subject to the lifting of sanctions, "we are ready to help find options that will not hinder grain exports, including Ukrainian grain exports from the Black Sea ports."

Meanwhile, German government spokesman said Prime Minister Zelenz and President Emmanuel Macron called on Putin to negotiate directly with Ukrainian President Emmanuel Macron.

The Russian Presidential Administration said that Putin was ready to resume the ceasefire negotiations with Ukraine, but did not disclose the specific conditions.