The scams take place in such a way that a person buys goods for high sums and then chooses to pay with the Swish app - and everything looks right and proper, even the moving details with fireworks are visible.

But the app is fake and downloaded from the internet.

When the stores then compare the receipts, it is not correct.

"Can be felt"

A store in Norrköping recently chose to stop making swish payments due to the scams.

Charlotta Mauritszon at the police understands that store owners can choose to do so.

- It can be quite noticeable for wise entrepreneurs if you do not get this money.

In the examples we have seen, it has been up to SEK 600 at one time and it can be quite a lot of money.

This is a new situation for all of us.

We need to understand what is happening with digital payments, she says.

In the clip above, Charlotta Mauritzson answers three questions about the new swish scams.

The payment service Swish writes on their site that they are aware of the problem.

They also write that they are working on shutting down sites that enable fake apps.