It was in the autumn that the municipal council in Sölvesborg decided that six security hosts should be employed.

This is because the municipality is disappointed with the police's absence in Sölvesborg.

Karlskrona, Växjö and Lomma, for example, are already among the municipalities in Sweden that have invested in security hosts.

After 107 people applied for the jobs, the six security hosts are now in place in Sölvesborg and secretly started their work on Friday.

On Monday, they start in earnest.

"Want to make a difference"

Josefine Hassesson and Fredrik Jönsson are two of the six newly hired security hosts.

- I want to make a difference, be able to have a dialogue with people and be a voice for another fellow human being, says Josefine Hassesson.

- We will be there for the public and be security-creating, says Fredrik Jönsson.

In the clip above, you meet the new security hosts in Sölvesborg.