Prime Minister Kishida met with Komeito representative Yamaguchi and others on the night of the 27th, and faced with tension in the final session of the Diet, which had more than two weeks left until the end of the session, and the Liberal Democratic Party to win the upper house election in the summer. We have confirmed that the two parties will work together.

The meeting between Prime Minister Kishida and Komeito representative Yamaguchi was held at a hotel in Tokyo on the night of the 27th, and was attended by Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, Secretary-general Ishii of the Komeito, and Political Survey Chairman Takeuchi.

Prime Minister Kishida said that he would like to attend the "Asia Security Conference" to be held in Singapore next month and give a keynote speech after explaining the results of a series of summit diplomacy such as the previous Japan-US summit meeting. I told you my intention.

Opinions were also exchanged on the administration of the Diet at the meeting, and the opposition party will take an offensive toward the end of the session on the 15th of next month, while aiming for the steady enactment of the supplementary budget bill and important bills for this year that passed the House of Representatives on the 27th. We agreed on a policy of approaching with a sense of tension, saying that it could be strengthened.

After that, we confirmed that the LDP and Komeito will work together to win the summer Upper House election, which is expected to be held in July.