Park Ji-hyeon, chairman of the Democratic Party's joint emergency countermeasures committee, said that he had proposed to Chairman Yun Ho-jung a joint campaign statement containing renewal tasks such as 'breaking up with a violent fandom', but it was rejected.

Chairman Park said through SNS on the night of the 27th, "I requested that we announce a joint campaign statement with Chairman Yun Ho-jung at an Incheon intensive campaign to win the election and reform the party."

Chairman Park explained that the joint campaign contained five major renewal tasks: 'a younger Democratic Party, a stricter Democratic Party, a Democratic Party that keeps its promises, a Democratic Party that has broken up with a violent fandom, and a Democratic Party preparing for the future'.

Chairman Park added, "It also included a statement that established politicians would thoroughly prepare a system to support youth politics who are trying to nurture new hope."

He also emphasized, "We discussed with Chairman Yoon, but as a result, they were rejected."

He added, "So inevitably, I couldn't attend the Incheon intensive campaign and turned the car around.

In fact, Chairman Park did not attend today's intensive campaign for the Democratic Party in Incheon.

Chairman Yun Ho-jung responded to a reporter's question about Chairman Park's absence after today's intensive campaign, saying, "(Chairman Park) probably did not meet the arrival time."

"I will continue to work hard until I receive my renewal proposal," Park said.

Earlier this afternoon, Chairman Park apologized on social media for the '86 group resignation theory' and insufficient prior communication with the party leadership, and it seemed that the conflict within the party was going to be closed.

However, as Chairman Park expressed his displeasure at Chairman Yoon's rejection of the renewal proposal he proposed, and also revealed this by not attending the intensive campaign, there is also a prospect that the conflict within the Democratic Party will rekindle.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)