Thursday afternoon, a septuagenarian living in Aude receives disturbing messages from her son who lives in the Minimes district in Toulouse.

She decides to go to his house to see what's going on.

When she knocks on the door of his home, the 43-year-old man opens it with a baseball bat in his hand, completely naked.

The latter insults him and tells him to leave.

It rings again a few minutes later, and this time he has a gun in his hand.

Compulsory hospitalization

Taking refuge with a neighbour, she decides to notify the police around 8 p.m. Given the description of the situation, police officers from the Raid intervention unit are sent to the scene.

After several minutes of exchanges, they intervene and the madman surrenders without putting up any resistance.

Suffering from psychological disorders, the forties was taken care of by a doctor and hospitalized according to a police source.

At his home, the police found in addition to the baseball bat and the alarm pistol with blank charges, an axe, a hunting knife and a switchblade.

A Toulouse school vandalized for the second time in ten days

She feels unwell, instead of helping her, he tries to rape her

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