At the end of April, 20 Minutes sold 999 NFTs in less than a day, making it possible to finance a free 24-page magazine devoted to Web 3, innovations linked to blockchains.

Since then, holders of these non-fungible tokens have all been hard at work helping 20 Mint's editorial staff create the most engaging magazine possible.

Join them on Discord and Twitch to build the rest of this adventure!

1. This weekend, a railway

Important step in the construction of a magazine, the reflection around the railroad.

This document, which contains all the pages of the future 20 Mint, will help to understand the main orientations of number 1. It is still, at the time of writing these lines, the subject of negotiations.

After its presentation to the community of NFT holders, the Mechs, on the Discord, we will have to rewrite it again, and then we can launch the entire writing team in the final stretch.

Distribution of the newspaper on June 16, the countdown is on.

2. A new consultation

In twenty years of experimentation, 20 Minutes has found its recipe.

And it is this formula, a mixture of short and long formats, in-depth subjects and anecdotes, reports, interviews and summary articles, that we must apply to 20 Mint to succeed in our bet: to interest the very general public to the challenges of the web 3. Among the iconic pages of 20 Minutes, it is the Ten news that we will try to adapt next week, by voting for a selection of the 10 most innovative French-speaking NFT projects of the moment.

If you want to propose your project, it will happen on the Discord.

3. See you Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. for a Metafight

The next show of 20 Mint au Carré on Twitch on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. will be an opportunity to discuss the railroad live and explain how our selection of the 10 most innovative NFT projects of the moment works.

But it will be above all the opportunity to pose for Thomas Chauveau, originally with Julia Mahé, from Metafight.

A platform that allows NFTs representing MMA fighters to compete against each other.

You can already ask your questions on the Discord.

4. A sizzling premiere

The premiere of 20 Mint au Carré was Tuesday the 24th on Twitch.

William Muskus, Marketing Director of Tales from the Wild, has been in the thick of it with us.

The sound wasn't always perfect (bad connection, sorry) but many of you followed us and that made us particularly happy.

If you missed the stream, here it is on video:

5. A poap for history

You are more than 200 to have collected the Poap offered to the first viewers of our Twitch show.

Thanks to PoapFR who set up the distribution.

Many of you ask us what this NFT is for?

To prove that you were behind us from the first hour.

And who knows, maybe we'll find a new use for it soon...


20 Mint: Head over to Twitch for a first collaborative interview for the magazine on the web3


20 Mint: The participatory magazine in search of the right setting to operate its typewriters

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