Microsoft revealed a new feature that the new operating system Windows 11 will have for as long as users have been waiting for.

Users will soon be able to restore applications that were on their old Windows 11 device, according to the Toms Guide.

This much-needed feature that has been missing from Windows for years now will allow users to restore pre-installed applications from the Microsoft Store to a new Windows device.

Currently, the Microsoft Store doesn't have an automatic way to restore apps, forcing users to manually install apps from their library, but Microsoft says it plans to test the feature soon in its own internal channel.

The ability to restore apps will be useful for people who switch computers often or for people who use multiple devices, and this will avoid users having to rely on third-party apps or download their apps again.

Microsoft's Giorgio Sardo said the app rollback feature "will make it easier for customers to transition to their new PC quickly and smoothly."

He also adds that the feature will "help developers retain their customers without having to remind them to re-download their apps."

In the Library section of the Microsoft Store, users will be able to see which apps are installed on their current or other devices and which apps have been completely uninstalled.

From the Library section, users can click the apps they want and then click Restore to bring them back.

Microsoft Store helps developers notice their apps (Getty Images)

The post also details other features that will be introduced to Windows 11 in the future, including how users can discover apps in Windows Search and download them directly from there.

The Microsoft Store helps developers notice their apps.

The Microsoft Store has seen many of the best apps on its virtual shelves since its launch last year.

There are useful applications such as Firefox, Canva, Adobe Express, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Zoom, but some key applications are still missing.

Microsoft announced that it will remove the waiting list for "win32" applications, which will open the store to all developers.

And with more apps being added to the Microsoft Store every day, the feature of restoring apps is becoming more and more important for users.

Microsoft releases fairly regular updates for Windows 11, as it looks to enhance the operating system.

More recently, Windows 11 experienced a major change to its desktop with an optional web search bar.

And now there's news that Microsoft will add third-party Windows 11 support tools later this year.