While the war is going on in Ukraine

The daughter of the Russian president undergoes plastic surgery in Germany

Putin's daughters.

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The daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin is undergoing a "face-lift" while her father "sheds blood in Ukraine", according to a report published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

Katerina Tikhonova, 35, traveled to Munich, where she has a cosmetic treatment favored by reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Her blood was removed, then treated and injected back under the skin in a treatment that cost the equivalent of £4,310 per session, Bild newspaper reported.

She also underwent Botox procedures, and was injected with hyaluronic acid to treat forehead wrinkles and areas around the mouth.

Previous reports said her father and alleged mistress of prominent Russian gymnast, Alina Kabaeva, 39, are fond of Botox treatments.

And it was mentioned in one of the comments in a newspaper about Katrina that she is "just like her father...".

Another asked: "Putin's daughter has wasted thousands of euros on a strange plastic surgery - does she want, like her father, to be younger and live forever?"

The anti-war Telegram channel mocked in a report that "while her father preserved his biological materials, to the point that he kept carrying a personal toilet with him wherever he went, his daughter Katerina Tikhonova...wasted her vital genetic elements."

It is believed that Katerina made regular trips to Munich to spend time with her new husband, Igor Zelensky, 52, who until recently headed the Bavarian State Ballet.

The icon of Russian ballet was scorned by Western society after she refused to condemn her father's war on Ukraine.

Katerina was previously married to the Russian billionaire, Kirill Shamalov, knowing that she is the youngest daughter of Putin from his marriage to the former Russian first lady Lyudmila.

Katrina broke up with him in 2017 when he began a secret affair with a married ballerina who has two daughters and a son.

Although Putin is openly critical of Russians living their lives in the West, his daughter has mostly remained in Munich with the full support of the Russian state, including security.

Until earlier this year, with the start of the war in Ukraine, she was apparently living with her second husband, Russian-born ballerina, Igor Zelensky, in Germany.

It is believed that she returned to Russia earlier this year, accompanied by her daughter with her husband Zelensky.

Katerina, who was born when her father was a spy for the KGB intelligence service in Germany, is said to be deputy director of the Institute for Mathematical Research on Complex Systems at Moscow University.

Earlier, before her identity became clear that she was Putin's daughter, she participated in international rock and roll dance competitions.

Her older sister, Dr. Maria Vorontsova, works as a leading researcher at the National Research Center for Medical Endocrinology of the Russian Ministry of Health.

She has a half-sister, Luisa Rozova, 19, who is the daughter of Putin's former lover, cleaner-turned-millionaire, Svetlana Krivonozhikh, 45.

Now part-owner of a large Russian bank, Krivonozhikh is one of the richest women in the country, and her financial and real estate fortune is estimated at £74m.

It is believed that Katerina made regular trips to Munich to spend time with her new boyfriend Igor Zelensky, 52, who until recently headed the Bavarian State Ballet.

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