- There was a lack of an inclusive association life "for real".

We see that girls with a migration background are very far from sports.

I have personally seen this, who myself has a migration background, over the years.

There is a gap, you do not reach out to girls who look like me, says Sahar Khalili, project manager at KFUMS Bollihop.

All you need is a water bottle

Today, six years since the start, Bollihop organizes open training with ball sports in the districts of Ryd, Skäggetorp and Berga.

Three areas that are described as weak in sports by the Swedish Sports Confederation.

The training is aimed at girls aged 8-19 years and all that is needed to participate is a water bottle, they write on their website.

- We need to shake up some structures, we need to modernize association life to reach more girls.

And then it does not work that you do as you always did.

You need to lower the thresholds and that is what we do in Bollihop.

"Integration must come from both sides"

The lowered thresholds and the open trainings seem to work, but to 99 percent, it is girls with a migration background who come, says Sahar Khalili and at the same time asks himself where people with a Swedish background are.

- It easily gets a little one-sided when talking about integration, one group has to adapt and do so and so.

We reach out to girls with a migration background but have a harder time reaching out to girls with a Swedish background.

This is a great opportunity to come and be integrated from the other side.

Efforts for integration must come from both sides, she says.