Victor Chabert, edited by Thibault Nadal 06:17, May 26, 2022

A few days before the first round of the legislative elections, war is declared between the RN and Reconquête.

Friday, Jordan Bardella, the president of the party, moves tomorrow in the constituency of the founder of Reconquest, before holding a meeting on Saturday in that of Stanislas Rigault, in Vaucluse.

Nothing is going well between the National Rally and the Reconquest party.

The RN seems to put all its energy into losing the only Reconquest candidates!

who could win, including Éric Zemmour.

Jordan Bardella moves Friday in the 4th district of the Var where the founder of Reconquest is a candidate, to support Philippe Lottiaux, the RN candidate.

The President of the National Rally, aims to relaunch the campaign of his candidate, who is struggling a little against the founder of Reconquest, since according to a local poll, Éric Zemmour would even be in the second round against the outgoing deputy of the majority, the RN would come third.

Bardella will also hunt on the lands of Stanislas Rigault

But this is not the only maneuver of the National Rally against Reconquest.

On Saturday, the same Jordan Bardella will hold a national mobilization meeting for the legislative elections.

It will be in the Vaucluse, in Cavaillon, in the constituency of Stanislas Rigault, the president of the young people with Zemmour, whose substitute is a certain Marion Maréchal.


- What is the National Rally's strategy for the legislative elections?

So on the side of the RN staff, we refuse to assume this strategy of attempted asphyxiation of Reconquest, all of this is supposedly just chance.

But among supporters of Éric Zemmour, anger is brewing.

An executive confided his incomprehension "in the face of a National Rally which prefers to campaign against Reconquest, rather than against LFI or the presidential majority".