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world-famous music group BTS has been invited by the White House to meet with US President Biden.

We plan to discuss and join forces to combat Asian hate crimes.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung reports from Washington.


From the mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, in which eight people including four Koreans were killed in March last year, to the shooting at a hairdresser in Dallas, Texas, where three Koreans were injured on the 11th.

Hate crimes against Asian and Pacific descent in the United States have increased by more than 300% as awareness spreads that the spread of COVID-19 began in China.

Even the shootings in New York State, directly motivated by white supremacy, shocked American society.

[Biden/President of the United States (last 17th): I promise that evil cannot triumph.

Hate will not triumph.

White supremacy will not have the final say.]

The White House has decided to invite BTS and BTS on the 31st local time.

The White House announced that BTS, a global K-pop phenomenon and Grammy-nominated South Korean music group, is meeting with President Biden to discuss the inclusion and representation of Asians and to end hate crime and discrimination in Asia.

It is known that the White House requested the participation of BTS's agency, Hive Me, to participate, and BTS, which has always been clear about opposing hate crimes against Asians, responded to this and it is known that the event was held.

Major media in the United States also reported heavily on the White House's invitation to BTS.

The meeting between BTS and President Biden at the White House is expected to raise an alarm about racial hate crimes in the United States.