Unless you're a fan of electric bikes, you probably haven't heard of ELEEK and Delfast bikes.

But these two companies are now making a difference in the Ukraine war by providing Ukrainian soldiers with electric bikes they can use to destroy Russian tanks.

Equipping the armed forces with electric bikes

The news broke on social media last week, after Vadim Ignatov, vice president of the Ukrainian Association of Electric Vehicle Market Participants, wrote in a Facebook post about the arrival of Elek bikes to the country's armed forces.

“The next batch of electric Banderabikes from Elek will take the lead,” the executive said, adding that “all the wishes of our fighters that were spotted during the combat use of the first units were taken into account. Most importantly, a very important feature has been added that will allow to reduce The weight of the bike, in addition to increasing the USB ports already available, the company's engineers also added a 220-volt outlet that allows the use of any normal charger.

He added that the need for such vehicles would increase as the war progressed.

Elek and Delfast electric bikes make a difference in the Ukraine war to use them to destroy Russian tanks (Reuters)

More electric bikes to the rescue

Meanwhile, 5 days ago, Danilo Tonkoube, founder of electric bike company Delfast, took to Facebook to announce that his company had also supplied electric bikes to Ukrainian firefighters.

"Does Delfast help the Ukrainian armed forces with electric bikes? Yes. We handed electric bikes to the front line in the first weeks of the war, but we didn't talk about them, some things we do quietly. Now we have permission to speak, and we are posting pictures," Tonkopi said.

Tonkoube also added that some of the comments he received from Ukrainian forces illustrate how useful the vehicles are in the current difficult landscape in the country, and reviewed some of those comments, “The bike was great and could really work for mobile groups. There are plans to use it on air command tours and with the equipment to work on hitting The tanks, and in general the bike were very much appreciated by the guys."

All electric bikes are equipped with functional pedals that allow them to propel their range over 200 miles (320 km), meaning they can reach speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

They are of particular use where there are no paved walkways;

Because it can make its own way.

It also has a unique ability to carry heavy loads, which means troops can use it to transport goods as well as carry missiles to fire at Russian tanks.