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The World Ski Championships will be held in Falun 2027 - join and chat with us

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Falun will host the World Ski Championships 2027, it was clear after an announcement shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday.

A crowd on Stora torget received the International Ski Federation's (FIS) message via a large screen.

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Madeleine Harrati


7 min

The national team riders sign autographs for small and large visitors on the square in Falun.

Madeleine Harrati


32 min

National team riders Calle Halfvarsson, Moa Hansson, Johanna Hagström and George Ersson talk on stage.

- I have moved to Falun for the fantastic training opportunities, says Johanna Hagström.

Calle Halfvarsson was born in 1989 and grew up in Sågmyra outside Falun.

Madeleine Harrati


44 min

A World Ski Championships would lift the city, thinks Louisa, 6 years old, Stella, 5 years old and mother Evelina Nymark on the square in Falun.

- Of course we want the World Cup.

Then it will be a real ski party, it was super fun last time, says Evelina Nymark.

Madeleine Harrati


Today 15:45

L •

Calm is the only right thing for 2027!

Today 15:18

The main square in Falun is being prepared for tonight's announcement.

Photo: Henrik Kilefors / SVT

Henrik Kilefors


Today 14:30



Little Sweden on the world map.

Just hope it will be a good snow year.


Today 14:13

Thomas •

Interesting that only Falun applied.

Wondering what it could be due to.

Too expensive, no interest, no skiers, no snow, ...

Today 14:03

Fredrik •

It will certainly be expensive, but Falun is and will remain a ski town.

We spend a lot of tax money on a lot that can be seen as unnecessary, if this is unnecessary, you can discuss.

Fun if there will be a new World Cup in Falun.

Today 13:52

Tina •

I think it is good for Falun because we are a world heritage site