In China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, materials about a facility that is said to contain a large number of Uighur minorities have been leaked, and the Chinese government has repelled, saying, "It is a hurt by anti-Chinese forces." Concerns about the human rights situation in China are likely to increase further.

This material was obtained by Dr. Adrian Zenz, a German researcher living in the United States, and is said to have been leaked by an anonymous informant hacking the authorities' database.

Photographs of the interior of the "re-education facility", which is said to be mainly from 2017 to 18 and is said to contain a large number of Uighur people, a list of the detainees, and the remarks of Communist Party officials Etc. are included.

Some of these are recorded from the remarks of Chen Quanguo, the head of the autonomous region at the time, saying, "No one can leave a strict facility. It is said that he said.

Regarding these materials, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Wenbin, said at a press conference on the 24th, "This is the latest case where anti-Chinese forces have injured the autonomous region. Insist and strongly repel.

Meanwhile, Germany's Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called for a transparent investigation in an online meeting with China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the 24th, raising concerns about the human rights situation in China. It seems to increase further.