What will this year's harvest look like in the major grain-producing counties

  As the largest grain-producing county in Henan, Huaxian County in Anyang City is known as the "granary of northern Henan".

However, affected by the flood disaster and autumn flood last year, the wheat sowing date was postponed as a whole, and the late sowing wheat accounted for a large proportion.

Today, how is the situation of wheat promoting weak and strong?

Can the summer grain production be stable this year?

Recently, reporters took these questions to the local area to find answers.

  "These few acres of low-lying land were sown in early December last year, and the wheat seedlings were jointed after the Qingming Festival. Over the past month, we have paid close attention to the management of water and fertilizer. Now these wheats are in the grouting period, and they are growing satisfactorily. A bumper harvest is in sight." In Hua County, Anyang City, Henan Province Chen Yipin, head of the plant protection station of Huaxian Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, told reporters in Changhong Canal Flood Storage and Detention Area.

Huaxian County, the "granary in northern Henan", was affected by both floods and autumn floods last year, which led to the overall delay of the wheat sowing date.

In order to ensure that the wheat can be strengthened and the summer grain has a stable yield and a bumper harvest, a battle for stable production has started here.

  Agricultural technology service solves problems

  Wang Fuqiang, a major grain grower, has contracted 1,000 mu of land, all of which are located in the Changhong Canal Flood Storage and Detention Area.

Because the planting time was too late, he nearly doubled the seeding rate and covered some wheat seedlings with plastic film to increase the temperature and moisture.

  "Since the wheat was sown last year, agricultural experts have often come to me for on-site guidance, how to fertilize and how to water... In particular, we have strengthened the management of water and fertilizer during the Grain Rain season according to the expert's advice, and now the wheat is growing very well." Wang Fuqiang told reporters, Under the follow-up and guidance of agricultural technical experts, his 1,000 acres of third-class seedling wheat fields were successfully transformed and upgraded to second-class seedling wheat fields, with a conversion and upgrading rate of 90%.

  In response to the special situation that the winter wheat sowing date is generally delayed compared with previous years, Huaxian actively carried out the "science and technology strengthening seedlings" and "hundred agricultural technicians to pack a thousand villages" actions, which effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of wheat seedlings.

  According to the statistics of the agricultural department, at present, the area of ​​first- and second-class winter wheat seedlings in Huaxian County accounts for 94.9%, with an area of ​​1.7196 million mu, which is basically the same as last year, laying a solid foundation for a bumper harvest of summer grains.

This achievement is inseparable from Huaxian's unremitting efforts over the years.

The local area continued to implement the model of "expert group + experimental demonstration base + agricultural technicians + technology demonstration households + radiation driven households", established academician expert workstations, established expert service groups and county-level expert technical groups, and cultivated and upgraded 526 agricultural technology promotion liaisons And 1,000 agricultural science and technology demonstration households have formed a three-level agricultural technology extension service network at the county, township and village levels, providing a strong technical guarantee for stable and increased grain production.

  A strong foundation for agricultural "chips"

  A seed can change a world.

The grain output in Huaxian has reached a new high, and the seeds are indispensable.

  In Huafeng Seed Industry Scientific Research and Breeding Center, researchers are carrying out seed testing, screening and numbering of thousands of corn materials.

  Seeds are the foundation of agricultural modernization.

The local area has continuously increased investment in scientific research, vigorously implemented the improved seed project, and bred more than 20 excellent varieties such as Huayumai No. 1 and Zhengmai 1860.

  "We have built 300,000 mu of improved wheat seed breeding base, and the coverage rate of improved wheat seed has reached 100%. This year, 400,000 mu of improved wheat seed breeding base will be built." Liu Xieguang, a staff member of Huaxian Agriculture and Rural Bureau, told reporters.

  "The seeds are bought and the technology is followed. This is the consistent practice of Huafeng Seed Industry. In view of the characteristics of heavy rain and high moisture content last year, we have printed detailed sowing instructions on each product packaging bag, and compiled information on 2022. Guiding opinions on wheat field management techniques in spring will be distributed to farmers," said Zhao Xiuzhen, chairman of Huafeng Seed Industry.

  Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Huaxian has closely focused on the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, vigorously carried out the research and development of high-quality special new varieties and the introduction, demonstration and promotion of supporting advanced technologies, improved the level of agricultural varieties, and created Huaxian seed "chips" .

At present, the coverage rate of improved varieties of major crops such as wheat and corn in the county has reached 100%.

  The quality of cultivated land is guaranteed

  "I contracted 108 mu of land in the Baimapo High-standard Farmland Demonstration Zone. Although there was a lot of rain last year and the planting was late, I am not worried about this year's harvest because of the high-standard farmland." Liu Feichao, a major grain grower in Baidaokou Town, Huaxian County He told reporters with confidence that before the renovation of Baimapo, the terrain was low-lying, white in winter and spring, and watery in summer and autumn.

In 2012, Baimapo was renovated to control salinity and alkali, drill wells, repair roads and plant trees... Now, it has become a high-yield and stable-yielding large mu of Tianchengfang, Linchengwang, canals connected, roads connected, drought can be irrigated, and floods can be drained. The fields have become the "sweet pastry" that the big grain growers are competing to circulate.

  Where is the high standard farmland?

"Take the spring season as an example. As early as more than 10 years ago, I guess I didn't have time to chat with you, and I was so busy." Liu Feichao said with a smile. First, it saves manpower, and large-scale contiguous high-standard farmland is technologically and mechanized. High level, convenient for farmers to cultivate and harvest; second, the field is better to plant, the transformed high-standard farmland saves fertilizer and medicine, preserves fertilizer and water, and 1 mu of land can increase at least 200 kilograms of grain; third, the road is easy to walk, and large agricultural machinery is in and out It is convenient, transporting agricultural materials and pulling grain can directly drive the car to the field.

  "Look at those 'white grids' and 'yellow buttons' in the fields, which are power supply rooms, motor wells, and water outlets. Practice has proved that high-standard farmland that can be irrigated by drought and can be drained from waterlogging can effectively reduce the adverse effects of meteorological disasters on agricultural production. Coupled with good seeds and good methods, we have ensured that we can maintain crops during droughts and floods, and have high yields every year." Geng Kun, the mayor of Baidaokou Town, Huaxian County, told reporters proudly, pointing to the front.

  The data shows that Huaxian County has built 1.345 million mu of high-standard farmland, creating the largest 500,000-mu high-standard farmland construction demonstration area in Henan Province; during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is planned to complete another 200,000 mu of high-standard farmland construction. Standard farmland will reach 1.55 million mu.

  "Concentrated and contiguous high-standard farmland construction has promoted agricultural mechanization, intelligence and modernization, boosted the innovation of new varieties, new technologies and new models, created conditions for the realization of large-scale socialized custody services, and solved the problem of who will farm the land. , provides new answers to the question of how to farm." said Zheng Huitao, director of Huaxian Agriculture and Rural Bureau.

  Thanks to the construction of high-standard farmland, the former "Wangtian Field" has become a "high-yield field". More growers have tasted the sweetness brought by high-standard farmland and also see new hope from the land.

Xia Xianqing Yang Zipei

Xia Xianqing Yang Zipei