Regarding accession to NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, high-ranking officials from Finland and Sweden in Northern Europe visited Turkey, which opposes the accession of both countries, and held discussions.

The Turkish side has repeatedly called for the suspension of support for Kurdish armed groups designated as terrorist organizations, and will continue discussions in the future.

Finland and Sweden, which have maintained military neutrality following the military invasion of Russia into Ukraine, applied for membership in NATO on the 18th, but in Turkey, which is a member country, Turkey and the EU-European Union are terrorist organizations. The Kurdish armed groups designated as are operating in both countries and have expressed opposition as they have concerns about their own security.

The delegations of both countries visited the capital Ankara and held discussions with the Turkish side on the 25th.

"There is no positive response to the terrorist delivery request. I hope to take concrete measures systematically and financially," said Kurdish armed chief adviser Karn, who met after the talks. I repeatedly asked to stop supporting the organization.

Meanwhile, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a Twitter post that "the talks were held in a constructive spirit" and that the talks will continue.

Membership of both countries requires the consent of all NATO member countries, and the focus is on how to respond to Turkey's demands.