Monday morning, a passerby discovered several corpses of snakes at a lock on the Roubaix canal in Wasquehal, near Lille, in the North.

Mandated to recover the reptiles, the LPA has announced its intention to file a complaint.

On Facebook, the passerby who launched the alert posted photos showing trash bags or supermarket bags floating at the Plomeux lock and from which the corpses of reptiles escaped.

There were many of them, and sometimes of a good size.

A discovery that is surprising, even disturbing, to say the least.

No ID chip

These were adult royal pythons, confirmed the Roubaix LPA to our colleagues from France Bleu.

Adult snakes whose detention is regulated and which must be identified using electronic chips.

This was not the case for these 15 snakes, an irregularity which complicates the task of finding the owner.

The animal welfare association was unable to say if the snakes had been thrown alive into the canal or if their owner simply disposed of their corpses.

An investigation will nevertheless be opened, the LPA having decided to file a complaint.


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