Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 24. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote a letter to Ms. Sarah Randy, a friend from Iowa, the United States.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that I visited the beautiful state of Iowa twice and forged an indissoluble bond with the city of Muscatine.

The Chinese and American peoples are great peoples, and people-to-people friendship is not only a valuable asset, but also provides an important foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

The Chinese people are willing to continue to work with the American people to strengthen friendly exchanges, promote mutually beneficial cooperation, and jointly promote the well-being of the two peoples.

Xi Jinping encouraged Ms. Randy and old friends in Iowa to continue to sow the seeds of friendship and make new contributions to the friendship between the Chinese and American peoples.

  In 1985, Ms. Sarah Randy received Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee of Hebei Province, to visit Muscatine.

During his visit to the United States in 2012, then-Vice President Xi Jinping once again went to Randy's house to meet old American friends.

Recently, Randy sent a letter to President Xi Jinping, thanking President Xi for his precious friendship to the old friend, and hoped that the two countries will continue to deepen people-to-people and cultural exchanges and enhance understanding and mutual trust.

In addition, Randy presented President Xi with her memoir "Old Friends: The Story of Xi Jinping and Iowa".