At the UN Security Council meeting, there was an exchange of criticism between Western countries and Russia over information warfare and cyber attacks in the situation in Ukraine.

The United Nations Security Council held a meeting on the theme of information technology and security on the 23rd, and there were a series of criticisms from Western countries regarding the dissemination and regulation of information by Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

Among them, United Nations Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Greenfield pointed out that "digital technology is being abused to limit human rights and fuel conflict," and "the Russian government restricted Internet connections and censored content. We are spreading fake information. We continue to threaten and arrest journalists who have reported the truth about the aggression. "

France's UN ambassador to the United Nations, Riviere, also accused Russia of launching a cyberattack on its satellite network an hour before its military invasion of Ukraine.

In response, Russia's UN ambassador to the United Nations, Nevenja, responded that "the movement of disinformation and public opinion manipulation against Russia by the West is being carried out on an unprecedented scale and strength." Is increasing the threat of direct military conflict. "