China News Service, May 24. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", Taiwan's "Apple Daily" conducted an online poll on Tsai Ing-wen's overall policy satisfaction on the 6th anniversary of Tsai Ing-wen's inauguration. Up to 60% expressed "dissatisfaction"; Green Camp’s media, Sanli TV, also conducted a poll on the same issue on the 23rd. The poll didn’t take long, and the website suddenly showed “under maintenance”, which has not been restored until today (24th) morning, sparking heated discussions.

  Netizens heatedly discussed that in the "Apple Daily" poll on the administration satisfaction of Tsai Ing-wen on the sixth anniversary of her inauguration, 39.7% of the respondents were "satisfied", but 59.5% were "dissatisfied".

The Sanli Association will conduct relevant polls every two days, in order to "recover a city".

  Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the poll, the number of "dissatisfied" people was as large as that of the previous "Apple Daily" poll. The link to the relevant voting website at 7 o'clock last night suddenly showed "system maintenance", and netizens were asked to "wait patiently", but It was still "under maintenance" as of 8am today.

However, if you enter the Sanli website and click on other polls, you can still vote.

In Sanli's poll on Tsai Ing-wen's satisfaction, shortly after the voting began, "dissatisfied" led by a large margin, and then the website declared "malfunction".

Image source: Taiwan United News Network

  Some readers said that a link to the Sanli poll was posted in the group of retired colleagues yesterday, and they thought that Sanli TV was only in the two days because of the poor performance of Tsai Ing-wen's administration in the "Apple Daily" poll, which took a greener position two days ago. The genius did the polls, thinking that the supporters of the Green Camp would go to vote, and then started the discussion on the political talk show, and then "1450 came in" ("1450" is the representative name of the DPP's online water army).

  The screenshot of the leak shows that the number of "unsatisfied" voters has nearly doubled from yesterday afternoon to about 6 pm, and the website link suddenly shows "under maintenance".

The reader said that at this time, everyone began to run around to tell each other: "The disapproval rate of Tsai Ing-wen's poll by Sanli (Sanli TV) is too high, and the website is under maintenance!"

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