The CDU politician Astrid Wallmann has been officially presented by the black-green government factions as a candidate for the office of President of the Hessian state parliament.

The 42-year-old woman has a "clear compass in her issues," said the CDU faction leader Ines Claus on Tuesday in Wiesbaden.

Wallmann would be the first woman to head the state parliament.

The election is scheduled for next Tuesday.

With the change from the deputy to the presidency of the state parliament, a new role awaits her, Wallmann said.

She wants to be non-partisan in her new position.

She will give up the vice chairmanship of the Christian Democrats.

Green: Wallmann very good choice

The Greens parliamentary group leader Mathias Wagner described Wallmann as a "very good choice".

His group supports the proposal.

Wagner and Claus both campaigned for a "large, cross-party consensus" in Parliament when making the decision.

Wallmann has been a member of the state parliament for 13 years.

Among other things, she worked on the Petitions Committee and the Main Committee.

The post of President of the Landtag has to be filled because the incumbent Boris Rhein (CDU) is to be elected Prime Minister next Tuesday in Parliament in Wiesbaden.

If elected, he would resign from the presidency.

The 50-year-old Rhein Rhein has been President of the state parliament since the beginning of 2019.