- The students from Habo and Mullsjö who go to special school in Jönköping today will have to finish their schooling here.

But we will not enroll any new students unless there are special reasons for it, says Anna Carlsson (S), chair of the children and education committee at Jönköping municipality.

Anna Carlsson says that right now they are also investing in expanding the special primary school in Jönköping municipality both at Sanda high school and Djupadalsskolan, in order to be able to receive all students within the municipality.

Large increase in recent years

During the last nine years, the number of special school students in Jönköping municipality has more than doubled.

In 2012/13, there were 101 people who belonged to the special school in Jönköping.

Now in 2021/22, there are 223 people attending the special school in the municipality.

In the clip above, you hear the chair of the children and education committee Anna Carlsson talk about what she thinks may be the reason for the increase.