3 warning flags on the beaches of Dubai.. Know their meaning

With the beginning of the summer season, Dubai's beaches are among the most attractive destinations for visitors, whether parks or open beaches, for swimming and family outings, but the beaches have a special language that visitors must know, before deciding to go down to the water.

According to Dubai Municipality, there are three warning flags that are installed on Dubai beaches as needed, to ensure the safety of its visitors, and to serve as a clear guide to them about the state of the sea and the possibility of swimming or not, as well as whether the sea water contains harmful marine life or not.

The orange flag indicates a high danger in sea water, and it is not possible to swim at this time, while the yellow flag indicates a medium risk, so that you must swim with caution, while the purple flag indicates the presence of harmful marine organisms in sea water, which must be guarded against.

The municipality confirmed that it has allocated special supervision and control teams on all open beaches in the emirate, to ensure the safety of its visitors, and to guide them about the safety procedures that must be followed.

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