Three months have passed since the Russian army invaded Ukraine.

Russian troops are trying to seize the entire eastern Luhansk region, intensifying their offensive against Ukrainian-based cities.

On the 24th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had attacked various parts of Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine with missiles, destroyed ammunition depots, and shot down Ukrainian fighters in Kramatorsk in the east.

The Russian army is believed to have seized about 90% of Luhansk Oblast out of the two states in eastern Ukraine aiming for complete seizure, and is currently intensifying its offensive to the base city, aiming for seizure of the entire state.

"Russian troops are stepping up operations in the eastern Donbas region to siege Severodonetsk, Lysychans'k, and Rubizhne," the British Ministry of Defense said on the 24th.

"Ukraine has strongly resisted and maintained effective command and control, but the Russian army has had some local success with artillery units. When Russia occupies the area of ​​Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast The whole thing will be in control. "

In addition, the American think tank "War Research Institute" pointed out on the 23rd that Russian troops are advancing from the south side of Severodonetsk and trying to cut off the supply route of Ukrainian troops on the north side, and it is fierce over Severodonetsk based on the Ukrainian side. It seems that the offense and defense are being carried out.

In a video released on the 23rd, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky strongly condemned the Russian military's fighting activities during the three months since the invasion, saying, "The next few weeks will be difficult, but we will fight Ukraine. We have no choice but to free our land and our people, "he said, calling on the people to cooperate.

He also urged Western countries and others to continue their active military aid.

In response, one of Russia's closest aides to President Putin, Secretary of the Security Council Patrushev, said in an interview with the Russian media on the 24th, "We have no deadline. All the goals set by the president will be achieved." He emphasized the idea that he is willing to prolong the invasion.