[Global Times Special Correspondent Cheng Dong] Last weekend, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's two concerts not only swiped on the mainland, but also attracted attention in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  Last weekend, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou's two concerts not only swept the screen in the mainland, but also attracted attention in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  Taiwan's Zhongshi Electronic News said on the 21st that Tencent Music recently announced that on the 20th and 21st, two concerts of Jay Chou will be launched on its 4 platforms and WeChat video accounts, namely "Magic Tianlun 2013 Concert" and "Magic Tianlun 2013 Concert". The Strongest on the Surface 2019 Concert".

As a result, on the night of the 20th, Jay Chou's replay concert immediately rushed to the top of the hot search.

According to Tencent Music, according to incomplete statistics, the number of viewers of the replay concert exceeded 50 million, "setting the highest viewing record for domestic online concerts".

  Hong Kong 01.com said that on the day of "5.20", half of the mainland netizens were showing their affection, and the other half were showing their youthful memories with Jay Chou. The number of reservations for his two concerts exceeded 10 million.

Taiwan TVBS said that on May 20, the "Jay Chou" WeChat index reached 663 million, an increase of 389.20%; "Jay Chou Concert" also had 131 million, an increase of 176.52%, which shows the importance of mainland netizens to the re-screening of the concert.

  "Jay Chou has created an era in the Chinese music scene." Hong Kong 01.com commented that in recent years, after many artists were banned for tax evasion and derailment, the public's requirements for artists have gradually increased, and they miss Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s. artist.

Those "post-70s", "post-80s" and "post-90s" who once listened to "Nunchuckles", "All the Way North" and "Tornado" are no longer young, but there is still a place in their hearts for Jay Chou.

Many netizens said that Jay Chou's songs were very popular, and many Hong Kong and Taiwan artists became popular again because too many people watched them grow up and could recall their youth again through songs.

Some netizens also believe that in the past, Chinese singers were stronger than they are now.

  According to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to 2019, TFBOYS maintained the record of the number of viewers of online live concerts, and there was no need to pay for live broadcasts at that time.

2020 can be described as the "first year of online concerts". In May of that year, the online concert of the Taiwanese group Mayday attracted more than 35 million people to watch online.

In July 2021, Singaporean artist Lin Junjie held an online concert, causing controversy over "high ticket prices".

In December of that year, the West City Boys' online concert in the United Kingdom accumulated over 27 million views and 164 million likes.

On New Year's Eve, the concert on the antenna in May was watched by more than 14 million people.

In April of this year, Cui Jian's online concert even detonated the collective screen of the circle of friends.

  Some analysts believe that although this Jay Chou concert is free to replay, it will bring hidden consumption, and the huge traffic can attract advertising and brand sponsorship.

At present, there are three main ways to monetize online concerts: tickets, advertisements and brand names.

For free concerts, advertising and brand naming have become the main means of monetization.

This type of situation mainly occurs on well-known artists such as Cui Jian, Leslie Cheung, Rene Liu, etc. They can usually bring huge traffic, so they can lower the threshold to attract more people to watch, thereby attracting sponsors.