China News Service, Hong Kong, May 23. Venturenix, a Hong Kong IT and digital talent headhunting company, announced the 2022 salary guide on the 23rd. It found that even in the face of the epidemic and the economic downturn, the Hong Kong information technology (IT) industry continues to be hungry for talents. An additional 100,000 IT talents will be required to fill the gap in 5 years.

  It is reported that Venturenix researches job vacancies in some popular industries in Hong Kong through web crawler technology, corporate questionnaires and talent data held by the company. It is found that although the construction and manufacturing, education, catering and other industries have been affected by the epidemic, the number of job vacancies has decreased. The vacancy-to-talent ratio is also around 1:50.

However, the vacancies in the IT industry are far more serious than those in the above-mentioned industries. The company's survey shows that as of January 2022, there were 120,000 people working in the IT industry in Hong Kong, and there were 9,097 job advertisements in the industry as of April 2022. The ratio of vacancies to talents Only 1 to 13.

  At the same time, the salary guide shows that the salaries of the IT industry will increase significantly in 2022. Individual positions (such as network infrastructure engineers, network security engineers), such as talents with market-hungry skills, will increase by up to 15%.

Due to the oversupply of talents in the IT industry, the industry is eager for grassroots employees to join, so the salary increase of grassroots employees is higher than that of middle and management.

  Taking data engineers as an example, the salary increase of some middle-level employees can reach 8%, and the salary increase of lower-level employees can also reach 14%.

In addition, the salaries of some middle-level employees of data scientists have increased by 5% compared with last year, while the salaries of lower-level employees of artificial intelligence (AI) engineers have also increased by 8% to 15%.

  The salary guide also shows that not only does the IT industry have an increase in salaries, but some companies also provide a good working environment, such as allowing employees to take flexible hours, work from home, and provide opportunities for the latest technology and education.

  Yuan Yiting, director of Venturenix, said that Hong Kong enterprises need to face up to and solve the problem of IT talent shortage, otherwise it may affect their own human resources and increase the cost of developing IT products, while weakening their competitiveness in the industry.

If the overall situation in various industries continues to deteriorate, it may affect Hong Kong's global competitiveness in the long run.

  He suggested that IT companies should shorten the recruitment process and provide more creative recruitment methods. At the same time, they should cooperate with qualified and trustworthy relevant training institutions in order to find suitable new recruits and train employees, and also establish a positive image for the company and stand out in the industry. .

He also encourages people with 'transferable' skills that are needed in different job fields to join the IT world, making the industry grow day by day.