On Monday morning, all students at Djurgårdsskolan were met by a large gathering on the farm.

The Pride flag was hoisted, the principal gave a speech and two students from the music class sang Queen's song "Radio Ga Ga".

- With this event, we want to show that pride is important to pay attention to all people's rights, that everyone should have the right to be and express who they are.

It is important to stand up for it, says Åsa Carnesten, principal at Djurgårdsskolan.

"In all places it is still not quite ok"

Pride Week has attracted the attention of the school since 2018 and the subject's equal value for all is highlighted in different ways.

The kitchen staff wears hats in pride colors and colorful salads are served.

The library picks up relevant literature and the subject is discussed during lesson time.

- If you say that there are two fathers living together, I think the children accept it more naturally today than they did before, but it is easy to slip back to the heteronorm if you do not talk about it and emphasize that all ways are right.

It's still not quite ok in all places, says Åsa Carnesten.