Jacques Serais 1:47 p.m., May 23, 2022

Emmanuel Macron held his first Council of Ministers on Monday since the announcement of his new government.

The President of the Republic announced strong measures, pledging to offer the French people "a government to act".

And the Head of State has already defined his four main priorities at the start of his five-year term, inflation in the lead.

A new era is dawning under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

The President of the Republic spoke on Monday at the opening of his first Council of Ministers in order to support the guideline followed by his new government.

"A government to act, to bring our country together", he assured, before promising "novelties".

School, health, inflation and ecological transition as priorities

The Head of State has set out four main priorities for the start of this second five-year term: school, health, ecological transition and the fight against inflation.

And it is this last file that is considered the most urgent at the Palace. 

Bruno Le Maire, who retained the Ministry of the Economy at the time of the government musical chairs, was seated this morning to the right of Emmanuel Macron.

The minister is already working on measures to protect the French against rising prices.

And this will be the subject of the first text of the government examined in the National Assembly just after the legislative elections at the end of June.  

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What measures for purchasing power?

On the table, it is already planned to extend the tariff shield, to set up a food check, to raise the point of index of the civil servants or to remove the audiovisual license fee.

Other points to come: the revaluation of social minima and retirement pensions during the summer.