DRC: Nairobi Process delegates continue their mission in Bukavu

A view of Bukavu, capital of South Kivu province in the DRC.

(illustrative image) Wikimedia/EMMANRMS

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Congolese government emissaries and Kenyan facilitation are continuing their mission in the east of the country.

These experts meet with armed groups in order to sensitize them to the so-called Nairobi process, a dialogue initiative supported by the East African Community.

After North Kivu and Ituri, they are currently in Bukavu, South Kivu where they are beginning the last stage of their mission. 


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa


Patient Ligodi

The delegates of the Congolese presidency as well as the emissaries of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta are confident.

They hope to have more success than during their visit to North Kivu and Ituri.

For the Bukavu stage, they invited armed groups from South Kivu, but also those from the provinces of Maniama and Tanganyika.

The aim is to explain to these armed movements the contours and objectives of the Nairobi process. 

Emphasis is also placed on two aspects: the government's commitments with regard to DDR and the mechanisms of transitional justice, including reparations for the damage caused and the accountability of the perpetrators, which are demanded by the local communities and on which the international partners insist.

The other message is that there will be no collective integration of combatants into the army, as was the case during previous demobilization campaigns.

This tour will end in Goma before the government envoys return to Kinshasa.

The resumption of direct talks in Nairobi is scheduled for June.

The DRC's international partners support this process.

Monusco provides its planes and all the logistics for the success of these meetings.


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