At a press conference, Chairman Nakagawa of the Japan Medical Association stated that he would not run for the presidential election next month and would retire only this term, saying that it is necessary to avoid division of the entire organization.

In the presidential election of the Japan Medical Association due to the expiration of the term of office, the notification of candidacy will be closed on the 4th of next month, and a new president will be elected by a vote of a representative on the 25th.

In front of this, Chairman Toshio Nakagawa held an extraordinary press conference and said, "It is inevitable that the election contest will be fierce as it is. If so, I would like to do so, "he said, not running for the presidential election and expressing his intention to retire only this term.

Chairman Nakagawa was elected chairman in the last election, beating Yoshitake Yokokura, who served as chairman for the fourth term and eight years.

However, with the revision of medical fees this year, the introduction of a "refill prescription" that can be used repeatedly without having to undergo a re-examination for a certain period of time, which leads to a reduction in medical expenses, voices questioning the skill of Chairman Nakagawa. Was up.

Executive Director Yoshiro Matsumoto has expressed his willingness to vote for the chairman, and will officially announce his candidacy on the 24th.