A former Marseille hospital executive was given a two-year suspended prison sentence on Monday for favoritism and illegal taking of interest for favoring a company in which he was a partner, during several public contracts he controlled.

"When we serve the public interest, there is a form of example to respect that you have not had for several years", specified the president of the court, Céline Ballérini, to the defendant who is also banned from the public service for five years.

“A Marseille-style system”

From 2007 to 2011, this former director of technical services at the Edouard-Toulouse psychiatric hospital center had signed 1.2 million contracts, including three public contracts for a total amount of 547,000 euros for the benefit of D2G Construction, a company in which he held a quarter of the shares.

During the proceedings, on April 25, the prosecutor had denounced “a Marseille-style system marked by an inappropriate and illegal proximity between a public official and a friendly entrepreneur”.

The latter was given a suspended sentence of eighteen months in prison, a fine of 20,000 euros and exclusion from public contracts for five years.

His company D2G Construction, sentenced to a criminal fine of 30,000 euros and to a definitive exclusion from public contracts, used a subcontractor who did not declare his employees for the construction sites, in particular those of the Edouard-Toulouse hospital, of where convictions were also pronounced for concealed work.


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